Click here to go to the Facebook page – as shown in the picture below – where you can click the “Like” button (… and Share if you want) to enter the draw for cash and a free trip to Costa Rica… let’s have some fun and see where it goes! Aside from the freebies, there are donations, a Paul McCartney bday request from one of our kids, a Toronto Maple Leafs renouncement – lots of goodies. Good luck!   🙂

My publisher, Borealis Publishing, wants to publish Puzzle Palace like they had done with my first book (Dark Side of the Sun) but I want to publish it internationally (Borealis only deals with the Canadian market). Some people said it would be tough to do but I like a good challenge!

Note 1:   The title “Puzzle Palace” is the moniker many of my characters use to describe the dementia ward setting where half of my story takes place. The other half takes place decades earlier in the 1940s during WWII in Ireland, Philippines, England and France.

Note 2:   I’ve added another layer of intrigue (among others) within my novel – the usage of anagrams. 95% of my many character / place names were created from the rejigging of letters from famous people, acquaintances, or places known to me over the decades. For example: Jack Nicholson (my favorite actor) = Sonja Lochnick; Antigonish (town in Nova Scotia where I grew up) = Shinganito – a Japanese character; Joe Gillis (close friend of mine) = Giles Joli – a french farmer character. From the sample chapters on my web site – try to solve some if you can…!


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