Travel Blogs   (Palmer Family)

Cross-Canada: 9-Week Odyssey (click here to read) Jun-Aug 2013

Costa Rica: 3-Week Eco-trekking (click here to read) Mar-Apr 2014

Costa Rica: 1-Year Family Move (click here to read) Sep 2014 – Aug 2015

Nicaragua: Touring (click here to read) Oct 2014

Panama: Touring (click here to read) Apr 2015

Hawaii: Touring (click here to read) Mar 2019

Europe: Vagabonding (just currently throwing the plans together! Stay tuned…)

Back to 2014-15 – why did we want to leave a comfortable and safe life in Canada and trot around to different parts of the world for a year? Were we nuts? Well, a quote from the Dennings family web site (family of seven who are travelling and living in different parts of the world) said it best: “Our aim is to live simply, maximize our freedom, and escape the mundane.” Of course, being plugged in and productive with respect to employment (… on the road) was part of the equation. Working remotely via the internet allowed for this.

After recently reading the New York Times Bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (highly recommended by the way), it opened our eyes to the possibilities of such adventures. Another wonderful read is The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

3 - Jenna, Andrew, Ryan on Lakeside Beach, PEI eating marshmallows

(July 2013 – Palmer kids enjoying marshmallows at a bonfire on Lakeside Beach, PEI)

Both books focus on shifting perspectives – moving away from traditional lifestyles where many people are tethered to a static environment or path in life and placing more emphasis on lifestyles promoting the following:

  1. Mobility periodically (but it’s still important to have a “base camp” – aka house – to come back to between the trips)
  2. Immersing yourself into new cultures
  3. Re-energizing the spirit by getting away from the rat-race occasionally to breathe in the “wanderlust”
  4. Learning new and exciting things by living unconventionally
  5. Taking risks and living “fresh”

We’ll see how our future adventures unfold! Stay tuned for updates…

2- Palmer Family Leaving PEI enroute back to Calgary

(Aug 2013 – Palmer family leaving the Maritimes and heading back to Calgary on their cross-Canada odyssey)


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