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  • Samples of The Leaf Cutter’s 2016 newspaper features across Canada – Postmedia’s features (in Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, National Post, etc.)  PEI GuardianNova Scotia – Antigonish Casket
  • New novel (The Leaf Cutter) in stores & online Fall 2015 click here to view back cover and synopsis
  • 6-city cross-Canada media travel blog/book tour July 2015 click here for listing of my media history
  • Travel blog – Costa Rica living: family adventure 2014-15 click here to view
  • Watch for my upcoming humorous travel book in 2015-16 entitled “No Tranquilizers! 17,000 kms, 63 Days, 3 Kids, 1 Van

Come on in…!

Welcome to my evolving virtual abode. The general focus here are my books and our family travel blogs (click here for our most recent blog – “2014-15 family move to Costa Rica”) – but my site also touches on other adventures and enterprises both past and forthcoming.

From climbing mountains, travelling and being a history buff to raising kids and my Beatles’ addiction… from kayaking and scuba-diving to my entrepreneurial ventures with my wife, Catharine – my writing is sourced from an array of experiences and perspectives.



(Fall 2015 – my new novel arrives!)

4 - Ryan, Andrew, Jenna, Catharine on Magdalene Islands, Quebec

(Aug 2013 – in the “Maggies” – Magdalene Islands, Quebec – during our cross-Canada odyssey)


(Jan 2015 – taking a break during our Costa Rican adventure)


11 thoughts on “

  1. Bill MacDonald

    Hello Mike, as my family and I were leaving for a road trip we were driving out of Edmonton today and we heard you on the radio talking about what you did to survive your road trip across Canada!!!
    It was an excellent interview and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    We should get together one of these times, maybe the next time in Calgary I’ll try to get in touch, or if you’re in Edmonton try and track me down….
    I’m going to be in Antigonish this summer in August are you going to be around then?
    Take it easy, Bill MacDonald

  2. Brent McElheran

    Can u email me I wanna ask u about Costa Rica. Hope u and your family r well. Looks like u had a good year.

  3. Colleen

    are you the Mike Palmer that I worked with at Jarvis Travel? Colleen Tabbernor

    • Hi there Colleen… no, must be a different MP. I never worked there.

      • Colleen

        Oh well. Enjoyed reading about your new book. Guess I will have to read it now. It was so many years ago that I worked with ‘the other Mike’, that I could not be sure from the pic in the Herald. He was good looking, too! Bets of of luck to you!

        Sent from my iPad


      • Thanks, Colleen, for the note. I hope you enjoy the read! Are you from Calgary?

      • Anonymous

        Close. In Bragg Creek, but retiring and moving to Penticton next month. Correction from last note; best of luck with the book. (Damn auto correct!)

  4. Hi there Mark… I only see an “R” in your message?

  5. hi mike … i just discovered your new book “Dark Side Of The Moon” and must order it soon. Most citizens of Winnipeg and Manitoba are aware of the Battle of Hong Kong with many family or friends there in 1941. I have known some of these veterans or their family over my lifetime of 75+ years. I, too, printed a book in Sept. with many biographies, “Oh, Silent Cross” available at McNally-Robinson Book Store in Winnipeg … there is an interview with Pvte. Robert Lytle who was a member of my Shrine Unit … now passed away. Good luck with the sales and keep up the pursuit of Cdn. military history.

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