To book Michael for consulting services or media/literary events, you can reach him here.
You can also find him at these links on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
Click here if you you’d like to get in touch with his publisher (Borealis Publishing).

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  1. more about your G’Pa
    I am reading a book by the title “The Poor Bloody Infantry 1939 – 1945”. written by Charles Whiting. While poorly documented, Whiting interviewed a lot of the troops. His Hong Kong sections, called “Black Christmas pgs 152 -165 is followed by a lots about Singapore and Sham Sui Po on page 184 … plus more. A strongly critival view of the British General staff, and the hideous Japanese. A tribute to the Infantry. Tom Ledwell

  2. Anonymous

    Are you the same Michel Palmer who hosted a permaculture workshop in 2010 with Graham Calder?

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