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I was born and raised in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, with my family roots staked in Prince Edward Island.

Before the age of 22, I had travelled over 65,000 kilometers (the equatorial circumference of the earth is 40,075 kilometers) – much of it on the road. I love a good adventure but, at times, things have gotten out of hand: I was temporarily stranded on an iceberg once, was accidently branded an illegal alien in Panama (along with my wife and kids) and our family lived in the jungles of Central America for a year where it was never a dull moment! Floods, snakes, fire ants, our vehicle catching fire (… and, later, selling it for parts), insect infestations, trees getting struck by lightning near our house during intense storms – the list goes on and on…

But my serious addictions to chocolate and the music of Genesis and The Beatles keeps my mind on the level. I once travelled 5,000 kms to attend a McCartney concert! In addition, I’m a history buff… my study of WWII spans more than two decades.

After attending Saint Francis Xavier University, I moved to Calgary, Canada, where I currently reside. My wife (physiotherapist and yoga instructor) and I are busy raising three energetic, wonderful children who, sometimes, test the boundaries of our sanity. Otherwise, I can be found running, mountain-hiking and playing basketball.


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