Part adventurer (I was marooned on an iceberg once – not fun! And our family lived in the jungles of Central America for a year) and part entrepreneur, I was born and raised in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada (graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University) although my family roots are from Prince Edward Island. I’ve got serious addictions to chocolate and the music of Genesis and The Beatles… I once travelled 5,000 kms to attend a McCartney concert! In addition, I love history… my study of WWII spans more than two decades.

In my other life when I’m not travelling with the family, I work in the financial and marketing areas for oil & gas companies and currently reside in Calgary, Canada, with my wife (a physiotherapist and yoga instructor) and three young children.

Aside from helping my better half raise our energetic kids who, sometimes, test the boundaries of our sanity, I can be found running, mountain-hiking and playing basketball… or I can often be found lost in the clouds thinking about characters and plots for future storylines.


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